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Quotable:“Who are we, detective? We straight nightmares. We the walking, talking existing circumstances.” – Coates (Common)

What are the odds that the best cop drama that I've seen since "Training Day" happens to come from the same gritty, violently realistic storytelling of corruption, drugs and violence from the producer/writer of "Training Day" (2001), David Ayer? Well slim to none but Ayer has done it again! When renegade "hero" cop, John Ludlow (Keanu Reeves) takes to the streets to avenge the death of his ex-partner Terrance Washington(Terry Crews, "Everybody Hates Chris")and to clear his name of his execution , he tests his loyalties to the code he lives by and the badge he has served his whole career. Let's face it, Keanu Reeves hasn't appeared in nearly a significant pivotal role since "The Matrix" trilogy, but he surprisingly delivers as the rogue cop who's plagued by his concious and the death of his wife, when his eyes are open to the corruption of those closest to him.

An all-star cast heads up this sleeper hit led up by Keanu Reeves, Academy Award winner, Forest Whitaker (“Last King of Scotland”), Hugh Laurie (Fox's "House"), Common, Cedric “The Entertainer”, Chris Evans ("Fantastic Four 1 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"), The Game and Clifton Powell to name a few. Whitaker brings to life the intensely, power-driven and enigmatic Capt. Jack Wander. He has mentored Ludlow throughout his career, taking him under his wing from his days as a wet behind the ears rookie to his glory days as the unit’s star detective with a special knack for gun fighting.

“I can’t lose you. Who’d do what you do? You are the tip of the spear. Who’s gonna hold back the animals?” he tells Ludlow.

Deep beneath good intentions lies hidden agendas, bigger than Ludlow could possibly imagine and he begins to question the intentions of his mentor and lifetime friend as the bodies and odds stack up against him.

Though Common doesn’t get much screen time as a title character, his ruthless alter ego Coates is a crucial key to uncovering the conspiracy that has Ludlow fighting to stay alive before he either is buried by the department or buried by his secret and not so secret enemies. Cedric “The Entertainer” and The Game provide comedic moments outside Reeves’ smart ass, reckless antics (e.g. The Game taking several blows to the dome courtesy of your complimentary Yellow Pages... priceless!)Some of the best lines of the movie come from Reeves many missions he embarks on to uncover the truth, regain his reputation and to redeem his already lost soul.

Thug Kim: “Fuck that's supposed to mean, white boy? “
Tom Ludlow: “It means you've got eyes like apostrophes, you dress white, talk black, and drive Jew. So how am I supposed to know what kind of zipper-head dog-munching dick you are if you don't?”

“If you're going to do something, do it now. I know you want my scalp nailed to your wall, but then who's going to go in where the law won't? You Captain? You? You gonna clean up the needles and baby parts? No. You need me, and my company of men. You hate me, but you need me.” Ludlow quips at Capt. James Biggs (Hugh Laurie).

All is not what it seems and this suspense filled drama will leave you guessing, unraveling each layer until the riveting climax bursts into a surprise ending you almost never saw coming. Friend or foe, this is their city, their rules and there are no prisoners.

Street Kings 2008 Trailer (HD)

A good flick that may have you keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer, Street Kings is currently in theaters.


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Looks like the movie Street Kings will definitely have a lot of street crediblity...You got great actors coming together to make this movie a success...I will definitely be watching this movie..

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