Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Quotable:"I call myself the MVP of rap..." Ludacris, rapper/actor

Grammy award winning rapper/actor, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is sending a cry out across Sportsnation for all Madden fans who think they can put the smackdown on Luda for the Number 1 spot in Ludacris' Madden Challenge. Ludacris is one of many celebs putting their mouth where their um joystick is as part of Xbox's "Game with Fame" promotion giving everyday gamers the chance to duke it out with some of their favorite celebrities and artists. Earlier this year, hip hop hotheads,rappers Bow Wow and Game went toe to toe in a Madden showdown of Youtube proportions.

For those interested Xbox gamers ready to throw some bows, users simply had to send a friend request to Luda's Xbox game tag, GWF Ludacris and be ready to rumble Monday, November 17th 3:00PM EST in order to compete. A master at cross marketing and promotion, Ludacris has set himself apart from other rappers with TV and film appearances in blockbuster hit, "Max Payne", "Law & Order:SVU","Crash","2Fast2Furious",and "Hustle&Flow" to become one of the most consistent, business savvy mainstream rap artists in the game. Ludacris "Game with Fame" Challenge comes just in time for his new album release, "Theater of the Mind", slated to hit stores, November 24th.

"I call myself the MVP of rap...When you put everything together in rap, as far as lyrics, visuals, record sales, personality, conceptual songs, I feel like I'm the summation of all. I feel like there's nothing I can't do."

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