Monday, March 10, 2008


"The series finale was great but I think they could have emphasized the street side more. Fans watch 'The Wire' to see the gritty side, the drug dealers." Kwame Patterson aka Monk, HBO The Wire

Notorious for its innovative programming, HBO has churned out mega hit shows that have run circles around primetime pilots and have left them scrambling. Shows such as critically acclaimed The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City and sleeper hits like The Wire, Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm offer an alternative to the melodrama surreal life painted on primetime television. Snubbed by mainstream award committees, 'The Wire' has continued to rack up street fame, critical acclaim and press accolades that resonate from the hood to the suburbs.

“This is TV as great modern literature, a shattering and heartbreaking urban epic about a city (Baltimore) rotting from within.”
– TV Guide

“The breadth and ambition of "The Wire" are unrivaled and that taken cumulatively over the course of a season -- any season -- it's an astonishing display of writing, acting and storytelling that must be considered alongside the best literature and filmmaking in the modern era.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Brilliant, scathing, sprawling, The Wire has turned our indifference to urban decay into a TV achievement of the highest order.” – USA Today

“The Wire” is a beautiful, brave series. This is its best season yet.”
– New York Times on Season Four

What is it about this gritty crime drama that has me and millions proclaiming The Wire as one of the best, if not the best show on television? For once the critics and fans agree. This week, the grippingly dramatic, keep you on the edge of your seats season, comes to a sad but necessary end, with the series finale currently airing on HBO and on HBO On Demand. Just when Season Four gave me a taste, Season Five picked me right back up, pulling me in for more. Who could better answer the mysteries of The Wire's popularity than my personal friend, actor Kwame Patterson aka "Monk"

How did you land an audition for 'The Wire'?

By one of the casting directors who attended the play I was in, “As Cherry Hill Turns.” I played a character called Mike Mike. I was only supposed to be cast for one episode.

Who is Monk?
Marlo’s lieutenant. You have to go through the lieutenant to get the product. I’m the person who brings the drugs to you, I’mma bring you those keys. I also oversee the crews on the street. Like a business man. A personal assistant.

How close is Kwame to Monk?
In a past life, Kwame was pretty close to Monk. That’s what made it easy for me to step into the role. I grew up in that environment. I’ve seen a lot, been around a lot. Now Kwame and Monk are totally opposite.

What was it like to work on the set?
It was fun. Very family-oriented. No big egos (from what I can see). Everyone was welcoming with open arms. If I had any questions, they got answered. I enjoyed myself.

What was your favorite moment from 'The Wire'?
From season four, I’d have to say the scene where I was in the park, passing out money to the kids. I love kids. Even though I don’t have any. You couldn’t see it on camera but between takes we were having fun. With season five, it was that scene where Snoop and O’Dogg were shooting at cats on the corner. It was me driving that truck. The camera crew was in front of me and they had us do it like 20 times. I had to whip the corner at 100mph with only a few inches to spare to avoid hitting the film crew. Snoop and O’Dogg were all over the place. If they were shooting, they would have shoot each other. They were like “Dog, are you trying to kill us?” It was fun. We were laughing the whole time. I got to be stunt driver and got to speed legally at the same time.

Who was your favorite character on the show?
Snoop. She’s the realest thing on the show. Everything about her is real. Her name is actually Snoop. She did time. She led a tough life. It’s a blessing to see how far she’s come. She’s not really a character, she’s almost playing herself.

What can viewer’s expect from the Series Finale?

The series finale was great but I think they could have emphasized the street side more. Fans watch 'The Wire' to see the gritty side, the drug dealers.

What will happen to Marlo?

It’s a rumor going around that he’s gonna go fishing. His boat is gonna capsize and he’s gonna drown (laughs)

Will there be a new TV show similar to ‘The Wire’?

Yes. I think so. Sooner than people think actually.

Will they be releasing ‘The Wire’ movie?

There are rumors they are gonna make a movie but Lord knows when that’s gonna happen.

It was a pleasure interviewing you (in fake British accent)

It was a pleasure being interviewed by you (laughs)

To see more pictures of Kwame on the set of 'The Wire'

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Friday, March 7, 2008


In an emotional annoucement, a teary eyed Brett Favre revealed his retirement during a press conference, after 17 seasons as one of the NFL's most record setting quarterbacks of all time. "I promised I wouldn't get emotional," he choked between an ebb of tears. "I've watched hundreds of players retire and you wonder what that would be like and you think you're prepared ...It wasn't about the money or fame or records. I hear people talk about your accomplishments and things. It was never my accomplishments, it was our accomplishments." The 38 year old "gunslinger" from Missisippi first stunned his agent, Bus Cook and Packers coach Mike McCarthy with his intentions on Monday, March 3rd.

Favre had always been admired and acknowledged for the passion in which he played the game."His accomplishments are legendary," General manager, Ted Thompson said. "And it's the passion with which he played that made everyone a Brett Favre fan." His killer arm, competitive spirit and insatiable thirst to play the game, recently shattered former Miami Dolphins quarterback great and NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino's record of most touchdown passes and most yards passing as well as John Elway's record for most career victories.

With only a month before the draft in April and June looming on the horizon it would seem that an announcement of retirement has come prematurely. Many in the league such as NFL analyst Troy Aikman, question whether Favre will actually stay retired. Walking away when the smell of turf and the screams of thousands of fans are ripe in the air would fill the average sports fan with a sense of nostalgia. For a legendary quarterback, it would call to him like the familiar embrace of a past lover.

The career stats he leaves behind are remarkable to say the least; a Superbowl win, 5,377 career completions in 8,758 attempts for 61,655 yards, 442 touchdowns and 253 starts (including the playoffs, 275 starts), the most of any quarterback. If I failed to mention another record he holds for 288 interceptions,forgive me for not wanting to relive an ill fated 2005 season where the Packers went 4-12. Under normal circumstances, I would cling to this stat laughing in maniacal glee at any Packers misfortune, but I happen to respect the NFL's only three-time MVP. Despite all his achievements, the 23-20 loss that catapulted the New York Giants to a 2008 Superbowl win as a result of an interception during overtime of the NFC Championship game , had to have delivered a confidence shaking blow.

Who are we to not believe Favre's sudden bout with mental fatigue and lack of desire for the game? Can you very well blame the man? In this dog eat dog world, it's often all or nothing. Even after news spread like wildfire across the internet and newswires everywhere, analysts contemplated Favre’s return and critics weighed in on Favre’s status as one of the best quarterbacks ever.

"I have way too much pride," Favre commented. "I expect a lot out of myself. And if I cannot do those things 100 percent, then I can't play." The only thing that would make the game worth playing would be another Superbowl win. With a virtuoso of talented wide receivers to tap into, this may very well be possible even without the acquisition of Randy Moss (although Favre downplayed the Packers lack of iniative in cementing a deal with Moss, Favre’s disappointment was apparent and has been widely speculated as a major reason for his “sudden” retirement).

I’d rather go out at the top of my game than to stay in and suffer another failure to clinch the ultimate game. Favre just might be on to something there.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


What better way to bring in your birthday with family and friends?

This past weekend I had a little slice of nostalgia celebrating my birthday at the Wrecklamation Greek Alumni event at Grand Central Lounge in downtown Detroit. Friday kicks off the weekend at Grand Central Lounge with the G Lounge series, giving party goers a new theme and new experience each week brought to you courtesy of Good People Entertainment and D Macon, the party professional.

Special thanks to my best friend Dena, my girls Christina, Jatara,and Mika, my brothers, Eddie and Garyn, my cousin Leslie,my special friend Eric M for showing up early and letting me do my thing, D. Macon for inviting me to have my birthday party at Grand Central, Koolaid and Reggie of Prime Events for promoting and my other peoples from MSU and abroad (Steve, Akil, Yvette, Ebony, Party Guy Drew,J-Dee of Connected Entertainment etc) for coming out in the blizzard to help me celebrate. For all my friends that wanted to be there but could not, your off the hook for now lol but you better be around next month when I kick off my first monthly event entitled Dulce

Happy birthday to all my Pisces friends and associates (Latrice, Jai Lynn, Ambrose, Steve, Joe aka Logic, Joe, Angel Tara, Andre of Street Visionz, Ty of District 81, Ant of EyeCandy Modeling, Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince of the Detroit Pistons)