Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Since publicly airing his distaste for the lack of a BCS playoff system in college football, we've known Obama and sports go together like peanut butter and honey. Jelly, honey, whatever your preference it's all good much like Obama's picks for NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four. The leader of the free world filled out his bracket Tuesday with his picks for who will dance their way to the Final Four and they were anything but "liberal" as the president has been accused of being. In fact they were quite "conservative" with all number 1 seeds except for Memphis, a number 2 seed.

Obama's Final Four Picks

North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Memphis

How's that for presidential?

Tune in to ESPN Wednesday@12 PM EST for an indepth look at Obama's bracket and other tourney analysis.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

T.O.’s Last Hooray!

Quotable:"If I gave you the answer that you want to hear, you'd already have it. And the fact that you don't should tell you something...I've experienced locker rooms that look dysfunctional on the face of it, OK? And won world championships," Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones on keeping Terrell Owens on the roster, a week before releasing him.

Yes, you heard it right! The tumultuous love/hate relationship between the Dallas Cowboys and Terell “The Voice” Owens has officially joined the ranks 50% of marriages in this country—in “Splitsville.” Just a week prior, Jerry Jones got his lasso in a bunch just at the mention of T.O. being cut from the roster. Apparently, he used that rope to fashion a noose to hang T.O. out to dry reportedly at the persuading of Cowboys insiders who still lack the ballsiness they so brazenly display behind closed locker room doors to voice their apparent disdain for the Pro-Bowl wide receiver. Sources reveal that Owens is shocked and feels betrayed however, not necessarily by Jerry Jones, despite Jones outright promise that Owens would remain a Dallas Cowboy amidst torrid locker room chemistry.

“It wasn’t just Whitten. He had problems with Tony Romo. He had problems calling out the offensive coordinator during the season, singly him out. He broadened the divide in the locker room so that players like Roy Williams, Patrick Clayton and I was even told Marion Barber , had been effected, negatively from their association with T.O. So I think the Cowboys will have some repairing to do in the locker room as the result of this. There were a lot of players, maybe the majority of players who sided with Terrell Owens against Tony Romo, Jason Whitten and offensive but if the Cowboys were going to solve this problem and address it seriously, I think Terrell Owens had to go and he had to go before they started their off season program at the end of this month.” ESPN analyst, Ed Werder reported.

While we’re speaking on advocates for Terrell Owens, let’s add Cowboys coach Wade Phillips into the mix, who along with Jones rallied behind Owens when he so vehemently shouted to any one that would listen that Romo and Whitten we’re engaged in a conspiracy to keep the ball from him complete with half-time pep sessions and slumber party strategy sessions.

“…You really never know the real reason behind it… cuz it’s a game of football and you just have to move on. Nobody is going to play this game forever…you look at guys like Marvin Harrison, that was released by the Indianapolis Colts, a couple of weeks ago or so. You just look over time. Fred Taylor, Jacksonville Jaguars. I was released by the Dallas Cowboys. I was released by the Carolina Panthers…It’s going to happen. You look at it and you say, you know what ,the next step for him is to find him for a team to play for, for the next couple of years and from that team, that point forward just continue to keep trying to build that legacy you’re trying to lead/live when he leaves the game. ” ESPN analyst, retired NFL player, Keyshawn Johnson commented.

Is it really that simple? Despite lackluster numbers last season ranging in T.O. still produced. Yes, he is one of the most selfish players in the league next to Chad “Ocho” Cinco, next to Randy Moss, next to Plaxico Burress and any other star wide receiver who values his own self-destructive off field run-ins with the law and tabloids over Super bowl and Pro-Bowl appearances however, say it with me now, he still produced. Jones didn’t offer him a new $34 million contract extension with a $12 million signing bonus for nothing. At the end of the day, it boils down to one thing, Owens is ousted not because of his track record of alienating quarterbacks and offensive players in San Francisco, Philadelphia and now Dallas; not for his world famous outspokenness or for his lackluster last season, resulting in his 69 receiving and 10 receiving touchdowns but because Romo finally fell under the weight of Owens outcries about the shoddiness of Garrett’s and Phelps’ offensive plays. What type of club doesn’t appease to its star quarterback?

So where does this leave T.O. in quest for Super bowl contention? Unfortunately for T.O., his track record and his mounting age (Owens will be 36 years old next year) leave his team prospects about as realistic as the Lions’ sloppy seconds leading the Cowboys to Super bowl glory next season. One thing is for certain, in the team’s “best” long-term interests or not, Dallas in the short-term has a lot of holes to fill that will take a whole lot more cement to fill than a few pothole patchups in the guise of acquiring an over hyped Roy Williams, aging Jon Kitna and a washed up Keith Brooking.