Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Quotable:"Who the f*** is overrated? If anything, they under paid him. Hate him, that’s only going to make him spend the night out of spite with the chick you’ve been dating..." Jay-Z Stevenson Diss Freestyle "Blow The Whistle"

It seems that another chapter has unfolded in the DeShawn Stevenson (Washington Wizards forward) diss against Lebron James (Stevenson commented on March 17th after a a loss to the Cavaliers that Lebron was overrated.) that has Jay-Z “blowing the whistle.” Perhaps Jay-Z has a personal interest vested in Lebron beyond friendship. Maybe he has secretly signed him to endorse Rocawear in a future campaign? Or could it be he is buying another stake in a ball team, namely the Cleveland Cavaliers? Putting a ring on his finger? Say it ain't so Hov! While Jay has not contested Lil’ Wayne’s crusade against him, he has put on the gloves and battled rap heavyweights 50 Cent, Nas and Jim Jones/Dipset then stooped to giving the Deshawn Stevenson the 15 minutes of self promotion he was looking for in a war of words.
Back in December 2006, Wayne lashed out at Hova boasting, “I don’t like what he’s saying about how he had to come back because hip-hop’s dead and we need him. What the fuck do you mean? If anything it’s reborn, so he’s probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, ‘Yo, this is Jay’s house. He’s the best.’ Now he comes back and still thinks it’s his house. It’s not your house anymore, and I’m better than you. I’m better than him, I’m 24 years old. ... I’m 13 years deep with five albums and 10 million records sold.”

The not so young Hov has joined the “Defend Lebron” campaign releasing a diss track entitled “Blow The Whistle” with the help of Damon Jones, James’ Cavaliers teammate, blazing Stevenson with lines like "Who the f*** is overrated? If anything, they under paid him. Hate him, that’s only going to make him spend the night out of spite with the chick you’ve been dating..." You’re really showing your age on this one Jigga. While I respect Jay as an artist and businessman, shouldn’t his energies be focused on his new bride, Beyonce, his growing mega empire and finalizing a historic multi-million dollar deal with LiveNation? The only two capitalizing on the he said, she said mud-slinging are DeShawn Stevenson, a streaky shooting Washington Wizards forward, averaging 11.2pts,2.9 rebounds and 3.1 assists and gimmicky teen rapper, Soulja Boy (Yahh, trick Yaaah!). All these pock shots for publicity are a pathetic attempt by Stevenson to put his name out there like the bricks he puts up off the backboard, oh excuse me his threes (BALLINNNNN'!!!!)

In a retort to Stevenson’s attempt to diminish Lebron’s franchise player status, Lebron blasted back at DeShawn stating, “Responding to Stevenson would be like Jay-Z coming back at Soulja Boy.” So what’s Soulja Boy’s take in all this? Already heralded as a potential “one hit wonder”, Soulja Boy is laughing all the way to the bank with hot singles annoying but infectious “Crank That”, “Yaah Trick!” and “Get Silly” (single he produced for upcoming rap artist, V.I.C) soaring up the charts. He certainly is expanding his portfolio outside the rap game early with the launch of his cartoon, sneaker and clothing lines on the horizon. Call him enterprising, call him wack, Soulja Boy ofcourse didn’t care for “King James” choice words but he did find the inclusion of his name in his metaphor humorous. "If you go to YouTube, you can see LeBron doing my dance," Soulja said. "So what is he trying to say?"

Soulja Boy At Game 3 Cavs vs. Wizards

Perhaps a Crank That contest between DeShawn and Lebron showing who can rock the dynasty the best will settle the score. YYYYOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

When asked about the Lebron/Deshawn rivalry, Lebron simply snickers,"I said what I've had to say and I've moved on. There is no rivalry. Seriously. There is no rivalry. There will never be a rivalry between me and DeShawn."

Granted this is entertaining basketball in an otherwise yawn inducing series between two lackluster teams,STILL DeShawn vs Lebron = OVERRATED!

Jay-Z - "Blow The Whistle" (Deshawn Stevenson Diss)

Jay-Z Joins Lebron/Deshawn Feud


karamel said...

WOW! Jay-z LaBron and Deshawn are sick wit it! They didn't have to do 'em like that! LOL So now who's laughin' at....YYYOOOOOOUUUUU!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, DeShawn Stevenson should not be talking trash...He came out of high school himself but really did not do anything until he went to the Orlando Magic before his career came up..He was drafted by the Utah Jazz and he did not fit well with Jerry Sloan system...Anyways, when he goes to the NBA Finals, he can tal...Other than that, he needs to keep his mouth shut...