Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Quotable:"The only time I will depend is when I'm seventy years old, that's when I can't hold my ish within so I ish on myself cause I'm so sick and tired of ish on everybody else." Lil Wayne

Lil' Wayne is so sweet, girls want to lick his wrapper. Lil' Wayne spits hot fire! Lil' Wayne is the best rapper in the game! Now all the Lil' Wayne naysayers and haters can lick his "rapper too!" Today marks a monumental day for the Carter, now an inductee into the First Week Million Records Boy Club, Weezy baby surpassed Kanyeezy's 900,000 first week record sales of his junior album release, 'The Graduation' back in September 2007 and has clocked in at a reportedly 1 million sound scans. With 400,000 albums flying off the shelves on the first day, it was clear that a few leaks couldn't kill his pipe dreams.

"I wasn't trippin' about this," Lil' Wayne said. "I didn't have no expectations. That's not only with music, [that's] period. You shouldn't expect anything. You never know what could happen."

Previously not one to out do his self, Weezy's 2005 album release, The Carter II only registered at 238,500 sound scans, premiering at #2 on the Billboard Charts. This time The Carter's ecstacy tongue laced in sizzurp (that's codeine and cough syrup, as if you didn't know) landed him the coveted number #1 slot on the Billboard charts and bragging rights along 50 Cent's 2005 chart topper, 'The Massacre' which also set records at $1 million + in first week album sales.

Looks like third time's the charm for the self-proclaimed "best rapper alive." A fan favorite among mixtape DJs and hip hop heads alike since busting on the scene with his solo album 'The Block Is Hot' in 1999. To the Carter, being placed in the ranks with contenders Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent for best rapper in the game is so passe.

"I ain't lookin down but i see no one above me."

Despite mixed reviews including one proclaiming Wayne's third studio effort as glossed over as lip gloss, full of radio friendly fanfare that is more bubble yum than down right gritty, as Lil' Wayne fans will declare "A Milli, Hip Hop IS ALIVE!"

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Elliot said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping an EC. I want to drop back but I can't see your EC icon.

Anonymous said...

Weezy is definitely doing his thing..He is the hottest rapper going right now in 2008 and his work shows it from his album to all the other artist's video and song he has been featured on as well..