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On Sunday, February 3, 2008, the nation witnessed the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. The second most watched Super Bowl game saw the New York Giants (10-6 during the regular season) and Eli Manning be transformed from underdogs to the princes of New York and Super Bowl XLII champion darlings. What formula of success did they follow? What lone tactic did they execute to go down in history books as the first NFC wild card team to win a Super Bowl while simultaneously robbing Las Vegas of $2.6 million (Can you say all time record?)? Here’s a peak into the Giants not so hidden arsenal of gridiron weapons. Patriots, are you listening?

– I Can of Whoop Ass -- It was a 3pt loss to the Patriots 38-35 during the regular season that gave the Giants their road rage, resulting in a wild card playoff bid and three playoff wins against the Bucs, Cowboys and Packers on the road. Yes having a can of whoop ass unleashed on you sometimes does wonders. In the Giants case, it was a good old fashioned ass whupping that gave the Giants their swagger and confidence to go on to become record setting Super Bowl champions.

Eli Eli Manning – America’s goofy kid brother seemingly shed his dork status overnight. From stealing Tom Brady's mojo with a 12 play drive of his own to shaking off four or five defenders in a scramble, Eli’s antics on the field have gained him an upgrade into the rising quarterback league with the likes of Tony Romo, Ben Roethlishberger and Drew Brees, a Super Bowl ring, an Super Bowl MVP trophy and a horde of advertisers foaming at the mouth. Early in the game, Manning ignited a scoring drive with a 45 yard pass to rookie tight end, Kevin Boss and a perfect end zone strike to David Tyree to seize the lead, 10-7 in the first half. Not bad for an ex-prima donna criticized for poor decision-making and leadership skills.

1) Defense – Giants defensive ends, Michael Straham, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora know something about the phrase, “Defense wins championships.” The Giants defensive line accomplished what no other team could do all season; Put a lock on the Patriots virtually unbeatable offense, holding them to 81 yards and 7 points in the second half while putting Tom Brady in the pressure cooker (Brady was sacked 5 times. The most sacks Brady received all season).

Giants leave Brady dazed and confused

20 Rookie Class 2007 --Perhaps the most unlikely of heroes, wide receiver Steve Smith (drafted in the second round from Southern California), tight end Kevin Boss (drafted from Western Oregon in the fifth round) and Ahmad Bradshaw (drafted in the seventh round from Marshall). Smith delivered his best performance carrying for 50 yards with five catches, four of which resulted in first downs. Kevin Boss set up New York’s first touchdown in the first half with a catch for a 45 yard Giants gain. Bradshaw utilized his speed while Brandon Jacobs tore at the Patriots defensively. Jay Alford, another rookie notable, delivered one of Tom Brady’s sacks forcing two ill fated ‘Hail Mary’ plays that ultimately sealed New England’s fate.

Rookies deliver crown for Giants

Whether you take into account the above four factors or you just realize the Patriots just played poorly, the Giants are the thrilla in manila that had 97.5 million viewers glued to their seats. Will they repeat? Probably not, but the 1972 Miami Dolphins team will forever sing their praises as the team that single handedly saved their undefeated record and posed the question ‘How will the Patriots be remembered?’ in analysts minds nationwide.

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Anonymous said...

Even though I was not going for the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl, I applause them on their accomplishment. They were able to beat the odds. Eli Manning became a man and the defense really shut down Tom Brady and destroyed the offensive linemen. Nobody will say Peyton's little brother or Archie's youngest son ever again. The first time in NFL history that two brothers win the Super Bowl back-to-back. I do not think that this will ever happen again. Now the New York media can get off Eli's case but now the New York Giants are the hunted because of winning the Super Bowl. They should have a better record than 10-6 next year because of all the talent that they got on offense and especially on defense. I wonder how Jeremy Shockey will fit in the mix because he broke his leg towards the end of the season and is a very loud outspoken person from the University of Miami(FL) Hurricanes. If the Giants do not make the playoffs or do not win the division, everybody will look at their season as a fluke because then they will say that Eli Manning got lucky in winning the Super Bowl. Defense wins championship and the Giants defense showed us why.

Bradley said...

I agree that this game was one of the largest upset of all times. I think the game analysis is a lil interesting as it leans heavily upon the offensive side of the ball and their contributions on the giant side. I thought Eli played a good game (not very good, not great, not outstanding)...most fans and non-players (and some players even)...don't look at the game in it's totality...the true reason this game was won by the giants was their ability to game plan, strategize, and capitalize on the offensive weaknesses of the Patsies and exploit this all on the defensive side of the ball.

Think about it...the patriots were known as THE most profiecient and prolific offense in the HISTORY of the game...they were annointed as such...and that front 7 of the giants played masterfully...I expect a decent NFL offense to put up 14 to 21 points, so what the Giants offense did wasn't stupendous to me (exception being that final drive in the fourth...they balled crazy in the last few minutes)...but the defense holding the pats to 10...after they were hanging 30 and 35 on people...yeah...that was my hats off to the Defense...but as with most fans...I guess the QB position being more high profile and prestigious, recives the happens on my Eagles as well.

Teej said...

Im personally still in shock. That last drive was just unbelievable. I wanted to see the Pats do it and finish with a perfect record, but Manning's miracuously getting away from that pass rush at the end and Tyree's helmut assisted catch just proved that it was not meant to be. I mean ONE lucky play is one thing. But TWO means it was destiny.

Tell you this though....I hate to say the Giants winning was a fluke, but I dont see them doing it again

Qiana M said...


I understand how it seems I'm heavy into Giants offense as to why the Giants beat the Patriots however if you really read into what I list, I do mention defense and offense together. The only solo offensive component I mention is Eli Manning.

Eli really stepped up during the Superbowl as did the rookies, as did the defense in general. There was no one person that did not do their part so I have to mention them all. The Giants had 30 minutes of possession. They had some very key plays and highlights that played a huge part in their overall strategy which resulted in their victory. I think I gave it equal weight in all honesty.

But I can see how you'd think that.

Warmest regards
Your sexy model moderator
Qiana M (My Official Website) (My Online Entertainment/Sports Blog)

Qiana M said...


Yea I have to agree I don't forsee an instant replay of the giants going to the Superbowl next year. They will be in the playoffs though. Mark my words on that one and don't count them out as contenders for future Super Bowls either. That would be real premature. They have too much drive, heart and talent to go around. They will be back, just perhaps not next year.

Warmest regards
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jl said...

at first seen like a boring game, but last few mins of game kept me on the edge of my sit fo real.glad ny giants won.

Anonymous said...

Well put...

A Tru Gentleman said...

Hello Qiana,
I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, needless to say I cannot stand the Giants. However, after Spygate and the taping scandals, I felt that the Pats were undeserving to win. I decided to root for the Giants bc as much as I cant stand them, I didn't want to see the Pats rewarded and praised for winning another Superbowl because they cheated.

I watched the game that night hoping to witness history and I did. The Giants D played out of their minds. They beat Brady and the Pats O-line so badly that I almost felt sorry for them. Brady got punished for four quarters. He got hit so much that even when he had time to throw he couldn't hit open receivers. This was one of the greatest defensive performances that I have ever seen from a team. It just goes to show you that momentum, confidence, and getting hot at the right moment will allow a team/person to overcome great odds. This was boxing equivalent of Buster Douglas beating Tyson.

Manning's plays in the 4th quarter were classic, even though his stats unitl that point weren't that good. He had a Brady-like performance. It's funny because they played like the exact opposite of each other during the game. Brady was supposed to be Mr. Cool and find a way to led his team to victory, but it was Manning's time to shine. Now both Mannings can say that they beat Brady in the playoffs.

With that said Manning still has to prove that he can be a CONSISTENT quarterback. He played great when he had to, but his season was far from stellar. They will not repeat, but it was a great story. This was the 2nd biggest upset in Superbowl history (Jets beating the Baltimore Colts is #1).